CytoChip Focus Microarray

Catalog IDs: PR-21-408026-00, PR-10-408026-PK, PR-10-408026-PK, PR-21-408024-00, PR-10-408024-PK, PR‑22‑409501-00, PR-10-409502-PK

Consider this alternative product: Infinium CytoSNP-850K BeadChip

Illumina offers three CytoChip Focus microarrays. CytoChip Focus Constitutional uses BAC technology and provides a fast protocol and cost effective solution for low throughput applications because no concurrent culturing or DNA amplification is required for samples that produce low amounts of DNA. CytoChip Focus 8x60K and 4x180K use oligo microarray technology that is now in standard use in cytogenetics laboratories. These products offer higher resolution detection of imbalances and are suitable for high and medium throughput situations.