CytoChip Oligo Microarray

Catalog IDs: PR-21-408011-00, PR-10-408011-PK, PR-10-408006-PK, PR-21-408006-00, PR-21-408013-00, PR-10-408013-PK, PR-21-408003-00, PR-10-408003-PK, PR-21-408010-00, PR-10-408010-PK, PR-21-408005-00, PR-10-408005-PK, PR-21-408001-00, PR-21-408022-00, PR-23-438006-00, PR-11-448006-PK, PR-10-408001-PK

Consider this alternative product: Infinium CytoSNP-850K BeadChip

The CytoChip Oligo Microarray uses the International Standard Cytogenetic Array (ISCA) design, which is a standardized international design for constitutional disorder investigations (

CytoChip Oligo microarrays are available in seven different formats. These include the 4×180K, which supports four hybridization areas per slide with 180K probes per hybridization area—for investigations demanding higher resolution—to the 8×60K format, which supports eight hybridization areas per slide with 60K probes each, for higher throughput requirements. The CytoChip Oligo SNP array also enables the detection of LOH in the same assay through the addition of SNP probes.