MouseRef-8 v2.0 Expression BeadChip

Catalog IDs: BD-202-0202, BD-202-0602

The MouseRef-8 v2.0 BeadChip Kit uses the DirectHyb Assay and is compatible with the iScan, HiScan, and Bead Array Reader systems.

The MouseRef-8 v2.0 BeadChip Kit content is derived from the National Center for Biotechnology Information Reference Sequence (NCBI RefSeq) database (Build 36, Release 22). The content is supplemented with probes derived from the Mouse Exonic Evidence Based Oligonucleotide (MEEBO) set, as well as exemplar protein-coding sequences described in the RIKEN FANTOM2 database. The MouseRef-8 v2.0 BeadChip targets approximately 25,600 well-annotated RefSeq transcripts, over 19,100 unique genes, and enables the interrogation of 8 samples in parallel.


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