PhiX Control v3

Catalog IDs: FC-110-3001

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What are PhiX Control Libraries?

Control libraries generated from the PhiX virus serve as an effective control in sequencing runs. Characteristics of the PhiX genome provide several benefits.

  • Small—PhiX is a small genome, which enables quick alignment and estimation of error rates.
  • Diverse—The PhiX genome contains approximately 45% GC and 55% AT.
  • Well-Defined—PhiX has a well-defined genome sequence. Illumina cluster generation algorithms are optimized around a balanced representation of A, T, G, and C nucleotides.

Illumina PhiX Control v3 is a balanced and diverse library that can help mitigate sequencing challenges in unbalanced and low-diversity libraries. Illumina PhiX Control v3 is shipped as a ready-to-use 10 nM library.

View PhiX v3 data in BaseSpace from a MiSeq 2 x 250 cycle sequencing run: SAV data and Resequencing results.