Infinium OncoArray-500K v1.0 BeadChip FAQs

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  • The following table lists arrays with overlapping SNPs.

    HumanCore v1

    246,557 SNPs

    HumanCoreExome v1-1

    260,852 SNPs

    OmniExpress v1-1

    275,691 SNPs


    40,569   SNPs

    The order includes all reagents necessary to process the BeadChips. For best results, Illumina recommends at least 200 ng of DNA at a minimum concentration of 50 ng/μl (as measured by a fluorescent method of quantification).

    Access to an Illumina iScan or HiScan System is necessary for scanning the prepared BeadChips.

    The Infinium OncoArray-500K is a custom iSelect BeadChip, designed by the OncoArray consortium to assess cancer predisposition and risk. It is the next generation of the groundbreaking iCOGs array.

    The OncoArray-500K was designed to allow thorough characterization of the genetic architecture of susceptibility for five common cancers: breast, colorectal, lung, ovarian, and prostate.

    The minimum order is 48 samples, which is the smallest kit size.

    The OncoArray consortium chose the selected SNPs specifically to develop a broad-use array platform that provides a detailed querying of the following:

    • Common cancers, including breast, prostate, ovarian, colorectal, and lung cancer.
    • Validated cancer-related SNPs, as well as genetic association analysis of pharmacogenetic variation.
    • GWAS backbone that allows new discoveries for all cancers.

    The FFPE restore kit has not been tested with the Infinium HTS assay and is not officially supported. If you attempt to run FFPE samples, you might have to recluster the FFPE samples together and you might see an increase in failed loci.

    Customers are invoiced upon shipment.

    The Infinium OncoArray-500K contains 499K attempted bead types. It includes a combination of SNPs from the HumanOmniExpress array and novel SNPs provided by the GAME-ON consortium.