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  • Analysis (Gene Expression)

  • The diff score is a transformation of the p-value that provides directionality to the p-value based on the difference between the average signal in the reference group and the comparison group.

    The formula is: DiffScore = 10*sgn(µcond-µref)*log10p.

    • For a p-value of 0.05, DiffScore = ± 13
    • For a p-value of 0.01, DiffScore = ± 22
    • For a p-value of 0.001, DiffScore = ± 33

    The p-value column is hidden by default. To display this column, use the Column Chooser.

    Filter the genes using the Detection p-value. Setting detection at .99 (p value <0.01) means that there is a 1% false positive rate.