Decontaminating Illumina instruments for novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)


See Illumina Statement on Novel Coronavirus and follow the Illumina Perspective on the Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (2019-nCoV) Outbreak web page for further updates.

General Guidelines for Decontaminating Illumina Systems

In keeping with recommendations from the United States CDC and World Health Organization (WHO), Illumina recommends the following procedure for decontaminating instruments suspected or known to have come in contact with novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV):

Decontamination steps

  1. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment before entering a contaminated space
  2. Perform a maintenance wash with laboratory-grade water to flush the fluidics systems
  3. Shut down the instrument and unplug the instrument from power outlets prior to applying any cleaning agent
    1. Refer to the specific instrument system guide for appropriate shutdown procedures
  4. Spray all accessible components and surfaces with a 10% bleach solution and allow solution to remain on the surface for at least 10 minutes
    1. Select the appropriate spray pattern to avoid splashing of the bleach solution
    2. Use a presaturated wipe for sensitive electronic equipment
    3. Use a presaturated wipe to decontaminate the touchscreen, mouse, or keyboard
  5. After the minimum 10 minute contact time, use a heavy-duty wipe to remove excess bleach before it dries
    IMPORTANT: Any exposed parts consisting of stainless steel or aluminum should then be wiped down with a 70% ethanol solution to remove excess bleach
    1. The 70% ethanol solution should be wiped off with a heavy-duty wipe before it dries
    2. Use caution when using ethanol near ignition sources such as electrical outlets
  6. Make sure that all the following accessible components and surfaces are cleaned:
    1. Outer skins of the instrument
    2. Doors and parts accessible to the user
    3. Rear of instrument, accessible tubes, and cords
    4. Particular emphasis should be placed on:
      • Areas where samples are loaded and processed
      • Peripherals that are contacted during normal instrument use such as touch screens, mouse devices, and keyboards

Additional Resources

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