TruSeq Targeted RNA Expression Kit FAQs

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  • Protocol

  • In order to normalize your data, identify a gene from RNA-Seq or Microarray data that is constant across the samples being tested. Include assays that target this gene in your TOP panel when using DesignStudio. Additionally, this gene needs to be identified in the sample sheet, in a column with the header “Normalize”, so MiSeq Reporter will use it to normalize the data.

    Illumina recommends preparation of 16–96 samples at a time. Smaller batch sizes are supported, as long as do not undergo more than five freeze-thaw cycles. Larger batch sizes may be performed by more experienced users, taking care that the OB1 beads do not dry during purification steps.

    Resuspension Buffer should be stored at -25ºC to -15ºC when first received. After the initial thaw, the reagent can be stored at 2ºC to 8ºC for use throughout the protocol.