TruSight Tumor 26 Kit Contents & Storage

The TruSight Tumor 26 Kit contains the following components and is shipped on dry ice unless specified otherwise below. As soon as you receive your kit, store the kit components at the specified temperatures in designated pre-amplification and post-amplification areas.

TruSight Tumor 26 Kit

Box 1, Pre-Amplification

This set of reagents contains formamide, an aliphatic amide that is a probable reproductive toxin. Personal injury can occur through inhalation, ingestion, skin contact, and eye contact. Dispose of containers and any unused contents in accordance with the governmental safety standards for your region. For more information, see the MSDS for this kit, at

Quantity Reagent Description Storage
1 ACD1 Amplicon Control DNA 1 -25° to -15°C
1 ACP1 Amplicon Control Oligo Pool 1 -25° to -15°C
1 OHS1 Oligo Hybridization for Sequencing Reagent 1 -25° to -15°C
1 ELM3 Extension Ligation Mix 3 -25° to -15°C
1 PMM2 PCR Master Mix 2 -25° to -15°C
1 TDP1 TruSeq DNA Polymerase 1 -25° to -15°C
1 SW1 Stringent Wash 1 2° to 8°C
1 UB1 Universal Buffer 1 2° to 8°C
Box 1, Pre-Amplification
Quantity Reagent Description Storage
1 HT1 Hybridization Buffer -25° to -15°C
4 EBT Elution Buffer with Tris Room temperature
Box 3, TruSight Tumor Oligo Set, Pre-Amplification, Store at -25° to -15°C

This box is shipped at room temperature. As soon as you receive your kit, remove LNB1 from box 2 and store at 2° to 8°C in the post-amplification area. The filter plate should remain in the pre-amplification area at room temperature.

Quantity Reagent Description
1 QCP Quality Control Primers
1 FPA TruSight Tumor Oligo Pool A
1 FFB TruSight Tumor Oligo Pool B
1 QCT Quality Control Template

TruSight Tumor 26 Index Kit

Box 1, Pre-Amplification, Store at -25° to -15°C
Quantity Description
8 i5 Index Primers, A501 to A508
12 i7 Index Primers, A701 to A712
Box 2, Pre-Amplification, Store at Room Temperature
Quantity Description
32 i5 Index Tube Caps, White
48 i7 Index Tube Caps, Orange