Training at Your Lab

Bring the expertise of Illumina-certified instructors directly to your lab.

Illumina courses provide you with optimized workflows and detailed hands-on instruction for analyzing and generating high-quality sequencing results. Use the tool below to build a personalized workflow training that includes Library Preparation, Sequencing, and Analysis components.

Library Preparation and Sequencing courses are also offered à la carte. Download our course catalog.

For more information please contact us at:
1-800-809-4566 in North America or 858-202-4566 outside North America.

Courses may include up to four participants. Course fees include instructor's time and travel expenses. All reagents required for library preparation and sequencing associated with these courses are NOT included in course fees and must be purchased separately. Certain required lab equipment must be present at your lab to conduct the course. Your instructor will discuss these requirements with you.