Product Compatibility

Requirements & Compatibility

Sample Information

The following options are available for recording sample information:

  • Local Run Manager—Using the Create Run command, record information about the samples, specify sequencing run parameters, and select an analysis method for the library type. 
  • Manual Mode—Create a sample sheet for later use with third-party analysis software. Use the iSeq 100 System Sample Sheet Template.

Library Preparation

See iSeq 100 System Applications for possible applications.

After preparing libraries, dilute libraries to a loading concentration of appoximately 50, 60, or 120 pM. Instructions are included in the iSeq 100 Sequencing System Guide (document # 1000000036024).

Analysis Options

  • Local Run Manager is the preferred analysis solution for the iSeq 100 System.
  • BaseSpace Sequence Hub can be used independently of Local Run Manager.
  • Use the bcl2fastq2 converter for third-party and user-developed analysis packages.