NextSeq 500 Training

  • Introductory Topics


  • NextSeq: System Overview

    By the end of this course, you will be able to: identify features of the NextSeq system, describe NextSeq sequencing technology, and describe the simplified sequencing workflow of the NextSeq system.

    20 min

  • Library Prep


  • Illumina Experiment Manager

    This course provides an introduction to Illumina Experiment Manager, and shows you the steps to create sample plates and sample sheets.

    25 min

  • AmpliSeq for Illumina: Library Prep Protocol

    This course identifies the items needed for the AmpliSeq for Illumina library prep protocol, introduces pool planning resources for a multiplexed amplicon run, demonstrates the steps in the library prep protocol, and lists best practices for the protocol.

    30 min

  • AmpliSeq for Illumina: Overview

    This course describes the AmpliSeq for Illumina assay technology, lists the three types of panels, introduces the steps in the amplicon sequencing workflow, and lists the analysis options for amplicon sequencing data.

    15 min

  • Nextera DNA Flex Library Preparation

    By the end of this course, you will be able to identify the Nextera DNA Flex kit, describe how the protocol works, identify what is needed to complete the protocol, and define the various steps in the library preparation workflow.

    20 min

  • Instruments & Software


  • IT Requirements for Implementing Illumina Proactive

    This video shares IT requirements for implementing Illumina Proactive, an instrument performance monitoring service provided by Illumina that can increase instrument uptime, improve operational efficiency, and reduce the risk of lost resources.

    4 min

  • Preparing Runs with BaseSpace Sequence Hub

    This course provides an overview of how to use the BaseSpace Sequence Hub Prep tab to enter sample information and parameters for your sequencing run.

    25 min

  • NextSeq: Does My Run Look Good?

    This course introduces four options for monitoring your NextSeq run. It also describes key metrics in NextSeq Control Software (NCS), Local Run Manager, Sequencing Analysis Viewer (SAV), and BaseSpace Sequence Hub.

    10 min

  • NextSeq: How to Start a Run

    By the end of this course, you will be able to: identify the steps to start a run on the NextSeq, describe how to prepare the reagent cartridge, and start a sequencing run using NCS.

    20 min

  • Local Run Manager

    This course shows you how to get started using the Local Run Manager software to set up your sequencing runs and view analysis results.

    Languages: French, Italian, German, SpanishChinese (Simplified)

    20 min

  • Local Run Manager 2.0 (Research Use Only): Introduction - (Asia Pacific - Chinese)

    Upcoming Webinar | Local Run Manager 2.0介绍

    Local Run Manager是Illumina专门针对所有小型桌面测序仪而推出的一款集合解决方案的windows软件,该软件可记录一个run的样本信息,设定run的运行参数,监控run的状态,分析测序数据以及对结果进行可视化。本次网络研讨会中,Illumina 技术支持会重点给您讲解RUO模式下以及off-instrument(可安装在个人电脑)版本的Local Run Manager 2.0软件,主要包括如何进行用户管理,创建一个run以及如何进行数据的分析。本次研讨会不涉及Dx模式下的Local Run Manager软件。讲座内容适用于所有对Illumina测序产品感兴趣的客户尤其是初次接触测序的用户。

    May 23, 2019 CST