TruSeq Synthetic Long-Read DNA Library Prep Kits Training

  • Title


  • Preventing Contamination

    Many next-generation sequencing applications use the Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR, for DNA amplification. This video presents best practices to minimize the potential for PCR contamination in your experiment.

    10 min

  • Illumina Experiment Manager

    This course provides an introduction to Illumina Experiment Manager, and shows you the steps to create sample plates and sample sheets.

    25 min

  • TruSeq: Best Practices

    After completing this course you will understand best practices for all TruSeq Sample Preparation Kits including liquid handling, AMPure XP handling, avoiding cross-contamination, and temperature considerations. You will also learn about specific information about DNA and RNA best practices.

    Languages: Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese

    20 min

  • TruSeq: Sample Purification Bead Size Selection and Best Practices

    After completing this course you will understand what sample purification beads are, how the beads work, when the beads are used, what the size selection workflow is, and be able to list some best practices.

    20 min

  • TruSeq Synthetic Long-Reads: Library Preparation

    Recorded Webinar (March 2015) | Would you like to learn about how Illumina’s newest long-read sequencing solution can enable your research?  In this webinar, we discuss the TruSeq Synthetic Long Reads Library Preparation approach, the ancillary equipment and reagents that are required, and how to prepare for your first run.