Illumina LIMS

Catalog IDs: SE-201-1004, SE-201-1006, SE-201-1003

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Illumina LIMS

The Illumina Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a high-speed, scalable system that enables positive sample tracking throughout the laboratory workflow. Illumina LIMS provides:

  • 100% sample tracking
  • Real-time quality metrics from image scanning
  • Project repository of sample data
  • File management of decoding, image, intensity, and analytical data files

During the laboratory processing, samples proceed through the workflow with positive sample tracking at each step, reducing the risk of misidentifying samples or skipping steps in the protocol. Additionally, Illumina LIMS allows you to generate genotyping reports and queue samples or plates for repeat processing.

System administrators can easily manage storage capacity and links to existing files. Configuration changes via the administrator’s web client provide support for other network or direct-attached file systems. Similarly, backup and archive directories are fully configurable.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)