MiniSeq System

MiniSeq Kits

MiniSeq kits include enough reagents to perform the number of cycles indicated, an extra cycle each for Read 1 and Read 2 used for sequencing calculations, and dual-indexed reads of 8 cycles each.

MiniSeq kits are available in 4 kit sizes based on output and number of cycles performed.

Kit Name

Catalog #

MiniSeq High Output Kit (75 Cycles)


MiniSeq High Output Kit (150 Cycles)


MiniSeq High Output Kit (300 Cycles)


MiniSeq Mid Output Kit (300 Cycles)


For more information, see the MiniSeq System specifications page.

MiniSeq System Software

The MiniSeq System Software Suite includes the following components:

MiniSeq Control Software—Controls instrument operations and guides you through the run setup steps before a sequencing run.

Real-Time Analysis (RTA) software—Extracts intensities from images to perform base calling, and then assigns a quality score to the base call. The MiniSeq System uses RTA2, which communicates with the control software through a web HTTP interface and shared memory files.

Local Run Manager for MiniSeq—Launches on-instrument analysis after a sequencing run and provides tools to record samples, set run parameters, and monitor progress.

Sequencing Analysis Viewer—Provides an interface to view sequencing metrics as they are generated.

MiniSeq recipes—Provide system operation instructions for use with the MiniSeq High Output Kit or the MiniSeq Mid Output Kit.

BaseSpace Broker—Connects to BaseSpace and transfers data when the instrument is configured for use with BaseSpace.