Sample Prep

Online Course Title Description Length
Illumina Experiment Manager

This course provides an introduction to Illumina Experiment Manager, and shows you the steps to create sample plates and sample sheets.

25 min

Instruments & Software

Online Course Title Description Length
HiSeq 1500/2500: Best Practices

This course covers best practices for your HiSeq 1500/2500. Topics covered include: instrument mode changes and washes, best practices for performing a HiSeq sequencing run, BaseSpace Sequence Hub and data compression options for your HiSeq runs, fluidics and flow cell plate care, and how to prepare the instrument for idling or shutdown.


25 min
HiSeq: Rapid Run Mode

This course describes the Rapid Run Mode available for HiSeq 2500 or HiSeq 1500. It identifies what is needed to perform a Rapid Run, describes the options for clustering the 2-lane flow cell, and lists ways to reduce data storage requirements for your HiSeq runs.


15 min