Infinium HumanMethylation450K BeadChip Training

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  • Infinium Chemistry

    This training provides an introduction to the Infinium assay. It lists the steps of the Infinium assay, describes the biochemical mechanism of each step, and explains how different genotypes produce different fluorescence signals.

    20 min

  • GenomeStudio Methylation Module: Normalization and Differential Analysis of HumanMethylation450 Data

    Recorded Webinar (February 2015) | This webinar reviews the processes in GenomeStudio for data normalization and differential methylation analysis. We analyze the algorithms used in the controls normalization, options for differential methylation, options for third party software, and include a live GenomeStudio demonstration.  As preparation for this course, we encourage you to download and view the following pre-recorded webinar: “Infinium Methylation: Introduction to Analysis” prior to attending.  

  • GenomeStudio: Advanced Analysis Tools

    Recorded Webinar (September 2015) | This webinar will demonstrate the use of some available tools and techniques in the GenomeStudio Genotyping, Methylation, and Expression modules, including heritability and reproducibility analysis, concordance tool, heat map, dendrogram, histogram/frequency plots, image viewing, and scatter plot tools. A Question and Answer period will follow. 



  • Infinium Arrays Best Practices

    Recorded Webinar (November 2017) | Optimize Infinium data quality by following these Infinium Best Practices. For new and experienced users, this webinar will touch on all aspects of the Infinium workflow: Lab setup and maintenance, lab tracking, Infinium assay tips, data management.

  • Infinium Methylation: Introduction to Analysis

    Recorded Webinar (August 2018) | The Illumina Infinium assay has been adapted for analysis of genome-wide methylation. This webinar is targeted to new users of the Infinium Methylation assay. We will review the following topics: How the Infinium assay works, and how it is applied to methylation analysis, the bisulfite conversion reaction (how it works and the consequences of the treatment on DNA), how to create a GenomeStudio Methylation analysis project, and how to use the GenomeStudio Methylation module controls dashboard and sample  data to assess the performance of the assay.

  • Manifestology: Deciphering Illumina BeadArray Manifests

    Recorded Webinar (Ocotber 2014) | Join us for a presentation and discussion on the information contained in our manifests for our genotyping, gene expression, and methylation BeadChips. We discuss what a manifest is, and how GenomeStudio utilizes it to generate data from the intensity information recorded by our scanners. We also review the types of information listed in the various manifests, particularly the columns associated with strand assignment, and how that information can be used to decipher the various output reports from GenomeStudio. Finally, we discuss additional resources available from Illumina to enhance our understanding of the manifest content, as well as various tools to supplement the content.