Nextera XT DNA Library Prep Kit


Nextera XT DNA Features

  • Single well enzymatic reaction both fragments and adds adapter in only 15 minutes, no mechanical fragmentation/shearing required
  • Master mixed reagents to reduce reagent containers, pipetting and hands-on time
  • Innovative sample normalization that eliminates the need for library quantification prior to sample pooling and sequencing
  • Only 1 ng input DNA needed
  • Easily prepare amplicons, small genomes, and plasmids
  • Master-mixed reagents and automation-friendly configurations
  • Fastest method to prepare libraries for any Illumina sequencer
  • 384 indexes available and supported on all Illumina sequencers
Please note that a Nextera XT Index kit (FC-131-1001 or FC-131-1002) is required to complete the protocol, regardless of the sample pooling level used for sequencing.


Nextera XT DNA Library Prep Kit Support