OvineSNP50 BeadChip Training

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  • Infinium Chemistry

    This training provides an introduction to the Infinium assay. It lists the steps of the Infinium assay, describes the biochemical mechanism of each step, and explains how different genotypes produce different fluorescence signals.

    20 min

  • Evaluation of Infinium Genotyping Assay Controls
    This module provides a guide on how to view controls used in the Infinium Genotyping assay and their expected outcomes. It explains the different types of controls and identifies the assay workflow steps where they come into play.

    30 min

  • Infinium Genotyping Data Analysis
    Details the Illumina recommended workflow.

    40 min

  • Beeline 2.0 and Infinium Genotyping Data Analysis Workflows

    Recorded Webinar (June 2017) | Looking for ways to optimize the efficiency of your Infinium genotyping data analysis workflow? Come learn how Beeline 2.0 Software can help! This webinar is targeted to new and intermediate users with a basic knowledge of working with genotyping data in GenomeStudio. We will go over the following topics: Generation of GTC files from Infinium genotyping data, Beeline 2.0 features: QC, filtering, reporting, and GenomeStudio integration, and examples of Infinium genotyping data analysis workflows.

  • Evaluating Infinium Genotyping Assay Controls

    Recorded Webinar (October 2015) | This webinar is targeted to users of standard Infinium products and custom iSelect BeadChips interested in the basics of assessing data quality in GenomeStudio. We will demonstrate how to use the GenomeStudio Controls Dashboard for effective assay QC and troubleshooting of Infinium genotyping data. The webinar will cover the different types of controls used in the Infinium genotyping assay, where in the assay workflow they come into play, and what the expected outcome is for each of the controls. These concepts will be applied in a live troubleshooting demo in GenomeStudio. A question and answer session will immediately follow the presentation.

  • GenomeStudio Genotyping: Creating Custom Cluster Files for Infinium Arrays

    Recorded Webinar (October 2016) | Clustering using your own samples is necessary for custom array content and will produce the most accurate data for any project, especially for atypical samples such as FFPE samples. This webinar is targeted at new and intermediate users with a basic knowledge of working with Genotyping Data in GenomeStudio and will go over the following topics: Cluster file basics, when to use a custom cluster file, how to create a custom cluster file, and how to filter and manually edit to optimize the cluster file.

  • GenomeStudio: Advanced Analysis Tools

    Recorded Webinar (July 2019) | This webinar is intended for all levels of GenomeStudio users. We will demonstrate the use of some available tools and techniques in the GenomeStudio Genotyping, Methylation, and Expression modules, including: heritability and reproducibility analysis; concordance tool -heat map, dendrogram, histogram/frequency plots; and image viewing- scatter plot tools.

  • Infinium Arrays Best Practices

    Recorded Webinar (November 2017) | Optimize Infinium data quality by following these Infinium Best Practices. For new and experienced users, this webinar will touch on all aspects of the Infinium workflow: Lab setup and maintenance, lab tracking, Infinium assay tips, data management.

  • Manifestology: Deciphering Illumina BeadArray Manifests

    Recorded Webinar (Ocotber 2014) | Join us for a presentation and discussion on the information contained in our manifests for our genotyping, gene expression, and methylation BeadChips. We discuss what a manifest is, and how GenomeStudio utilizes it to generate data from the intensity information recorded by our scanners. We also review the types of information listed in the various manifests, particularly the columns associated with strand assignment, and how that information can be used to decipher the various output reports from GenomeStudio. Finally, we discuss additional resources available from Illumina to enhance our understanding of the manifest content, as well as various tools to supplement the content.  

  • GenomeStudio: Advanced Analysis Tools - Asia Pacific (Chinese)

    Upcoming Webinar | Illumina Technical Support 团队邀请您参加Infinium系列中的新一期在线技术讲座:GenomeStudio高级分析工具, 本次网络研讨会上我们会演示如何利用GenomeStudio的一些工具和方法进行基因分型,甲基化分析等,包括heritability 和reproducibility分析,concordance工具,散点图绘制工具。这些工具在软件手册中可能没有详细说明,但对于我们分析芯片数据是非常有用的。

    此次讲座适合使用GenomeStudio软件分析Illumina Infinium数据的用户参加,参加本次讲座可以对GenomeStudio软件的使用有更深入的了解。

    Dec 19, 2019 CST