Illumina DRAGEN Bio-IT

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  • General

  • The BSSH DRAGEN apps mimic the pipelines found on the on-site DRAGEN server and should produce the same results as the on-site pipelines of the same software version as the app.  However, some pipelines and software versions available on the on-site DRAGEN server may not be available as a BSSH DRAGEN app.  Efforts are made to release on-site pipelines as BSSH DRAGEN apps, as needed.

    The DRAGEN platform utilizes highly reconfigurable field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA) to provide hardware-accelerated implementations of genome analysis algorithms. The algorithms are implemented as logic circuits, which provide almost instantaneous outputs. FPGAs can perform operations in parallel and are thus not node-dependent, as is the case for CPU-based systems. 

    No. The DRAGEN software can only be run on the DRAGEN Bio-IT Platform server. Customers are also issued independent licenses that tie the usage of their licenses to specific servers.

    DRAGEN is available on-site, hosted, or as a hybrid of both through secure data transfer between physical and cloud-based DRAGEN systems. The hybrid solution gives users the flexibility to scale up workflows in the cloud when higher analysis capacity is required.

  • Security

  • If you have loaded a study into Cohort Analyzer, customer administrators can then permission the study to share with collaborators.

    Each user of Cohort Analyzer has their own secure, private data center-based domain where their private data is stored. Only users within your domain can access this information.

    Users can import private studies into Cohort Analyzer through the Data Uploader. Supported data types are somatic mutation, copy number variation, and RNA-seq data.

    Yes. Cohort Analyzer reports can be exported and saved locally in PDF format. You can also download molecular data such as RNA expression, copy number variation, DNA methylation and somatic mutation information as *.csv files.